Make It Yourself Monday: Grab and Go Super Smoothie

Make It Yourself Monday: Grab and Go Super Smoothie

If you read my about me you’ll see that I have a special love for smoothies. They taste delicious, but they also can be packed full of wholesome, and healthy ingredients. A special perk, they totally can count as a meal. I’m not talking the old school smoothies. The new age smoothies that are flocking your instagram feed are works of art (because obviously, if you don’t post it, did it happen?). They are filled with healthy fats, proteins, and superfoods. Get on the smoothie train my friends. It’s what all the cool kids are doing (just don’t forget to post a picture on IG.)

Smoothies mean breakfast in a cup for my kids. Momma doesn’t have time to whip up the good stuff every morning. Smoothies SAVE me.

It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve discovered the hack of hidden frozen veggies as an add in option. Before you gag, trust me, and just try it once. If frozen, things like frozen cauliflower and frozen zucchini are delicious and give off no “veggie flavor” at all. They add to the creaminess as well as tons of additional nutrients with no added sugars.

The only problem I was discovering was, as my love for smoothies and all the fun things you can do to them increased, my need to unload the entire contents of my fridge increased as well. This kinda defeated the purpose of a quick and easy meal.

I originally wanted to make little freezer plastic baggies of these smoothies, but instead I had these mason jars calling my name. Yes, these freeze just fine. They will not blow up.

Go ahead and whip these up and your weekday morning just got a bit more delicious, and a whole lot easier.

This is totally all up to you on what you decide to throw in here. Like I said, I can only vouch for frozen cauliflower, as well as frozen zucchini. Venture at your own risk when it comes to the added veggies.

In terms of the other ingredients, play with different fruits, different types of nut butters, add or forgo the banana, you really can’t go wrong. I have’t attempted adding in fresh greens such as kale and spinach but I’m sure they would hold up just as well.

Once you dump this into a high speed blender, add in the scoop from the premixed powder mixture.


This is the dry powder mixture that is best to stay fresh rather than frozen.

Options here can be, chia seeds, different protein powders, cocoa or cacao powder, powder veggie blends, and/or spices such as cinnamon.

Once you add this into the blender with the other contents, add in your liquid. I use unsweetened vanilla almond milk, but regular milk, or other nut milk would be delicious too. I would not vouch for adding water.

There ya have it! So simple, so healthy, and so fast. This whole process took me about 15 minutes to make 5 mason jars worth of smoothies and 1 jar or powder mix. After adding the liquid, this gives me enough to give my toddler a large glass, my 1 year old her little glass, and momma a heaping glass. This prep time could have probably been cut in half if I didn’t have both kids clawing at my feet, but either way. It’s worth it! Give it a try and tell me what you think!


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